Ноuse on the Mountain

Russia, February 2019

Thanks to its modern architectural style, as well as exquisite services and amenities, the project breathed new life into the upscale SlobodaPodnovye district, the Nizhny Novgorod region on the top of the hill, where many private residential buildings built back in the 90s are located.

The height of the place was the main determining factor in the architecture of the building and its unique geometry, which eventually became part of the landscape. Here, the Parman Group created an inner shell that is fully consistent with the architecture. In fact, the unique geometry of the building defined all the forms and materials used throughout.

A two-light absolutely transparent living room is the center of the house. With floor-to-ceiling glass walls, the house is a transparent, floating structure that illuminates the Parman Group’s architectural approach to creating indoor spaces.

An endless feeling of lightness, openness and lightness permeates this house both day and night. The use of architectural lighting, directed upward by its glow, helps the large roof to create a feeling of weightlessness.


The project embodied the customer’s dream of having a «house by the sea» while at home.

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