Dining Room for The Ambassador of Qatar

Germany, JUNE 2019

The hall in the house of the Qatar ambassador has two purposes: this is a meeting room and a dining room. An integral element of the preceding food intake in Islam is hand washing. Therefore, the room has two designer floor sinks. A long table for 10 people on a light metal base occupies a leading role in the room. The wall by the table with a marble slab and an inscription from the Koran only emphasizes this fact. The spacious sofa area consists of a light table with polished marble countertops and sofas richly decorated with pillows. The velvet upholstery of the sofa makes reference to the color of the national flag of Qatar.

The combination of oak flooring and marble tiles on the floor emphasizes the perimeter of the room, giving it the correct geometry, orderliness and symmetry. The frames of classic wall moldings emphasize the elegant monochrome color of the room with a bright national accent.

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