Gastro BAR

Germany, JULY 2019

Gastro Pub is a comprehensive pub menu located on two levels in the German city of Erding. Using a multi-layered approach, the parman group has created a modern design that pays homage to the loft style, and at the same time includes carefully crafted and rethought classic tricks.

On the ground floor there is a pub where the head of a blue ram welcomes visitors at the entrance, citing an extensive meat menu and demonstrating the restaurant’s emphasis on quality camps, ales and ciders received from traditional brewers. A long marble bar and a combination of high comfortable armchairs will make any dinner cozy.

An industrial cast-iron staircase leads to the second floor, where the main dining room is located. A series of soft sofas is complemented by oak tables with rough, honed countertops. Next to the stairs, a large round table seats up to eight guests and is equipped with a rotating “lazy Susan,” which creates a more general, laid-back lunch atmosphere.

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