03 September 2013
There are no translations available.Началось строительство павильонов для приматов в зоопарке More...
12 August 2013
There are no translations available.Завершилось строительство ресторана "Онегинъ", проект интерьера был разработан нашей More...
08 July 2013
There are no translations available.Выполнен проект здания туалета в зоопарке "Мадагаскар". Началось строительство. More...
03 July 2013
There are no translations available.Наша компания "Parman Group" начала работы над проектом парка развлечений для детей More...
03 June 2013
There are no translations available.В Сормовском парке закончилось строительство контактного зоопарка. More...
15 May 2013
There are no translations available.В зоопарке "Мадагаскар" ведется строительство вольеров для животных. More...

Boutique GUESS by Marciano

Today our company “Parman Group” has signed a contract with LLC “Volgo-Okskaya Chasovaya Companiya” on production of commercial furniture for the boutique Guess by Marciano, which will be opened soon in TC “Fantastika” on the 187, Rodionova street.

This brand was created by brothers Marciano and nowadays it’s generally oriented on people of 25-30 years who prefer fashionable and glamour clothes. There are male and female lines of the clothes, also children clothing under Guess brand. This company pays significant attention to new accessories and parfum lines creation.


BC «Lobachevskiy Plaza». Romanov Cinema.

Our production company “EvoTechnics” has successfully produced mirror bar counters for the restaurant “Romanov Cinema” (Business Centre «Lobachevsckiy Plaza»). The counters were well approved and handed over.


Office. "Garmoniya" GC

The design department of "Parman Group" company has finished the layout project of  "Garmoniya" group of companies' office building.


World Trade Centre

Our company “Snab Sistema” has provided the office in the World Trade Centre with the following furniture: office furniture of Italian factory Della Rovere, Goodfurniture and New Line Office; soft furniture of Freling and Hanspert factories; furniture for drawing rooms of Panamar and Gallo factories.

As for our production company “Evotechnics”, - it produced and installed such special furniture as bookcases, wall panels, bureaus, engravings in baguettes. The deadline was met! The quality is the highest! The project was successfully handed over to our customer!


Restaurant ONEGIN

We have started negotiations concerning building new restaurant “Onegin”  in the centre of our city.



Our company “Parman Group” has signed an agreement on production of original furniture made from concrete. It will be made for the future restaurant “Yakitoria” (Japanese cuisine) which is situated in Sormovskiy area. Our company “Evotechnics” has already used the same technology for the “Kalina Bar” (OKA Hotel)