03 September 2013
There are no translations available.Началось строительство павильонов для приматов в зоопарке More...
12 August 2013
There are no translations available.Завершилось строительство ресторана "Онегинъ", проект интерьера был разработан нашей More...
08 July 2013
There are no translations available.Выполнен проект здания туалета в зоопарке "Мадагаскар". Началось строительство. More...
03 July 2013
There are no translations available.Наша компания "Parman Group" начала работы над проектом парка развлечений для детей More...
03 June 2013
There are no translations available.В Сормовском парке закончилось строительство контактного зоопарка. More...
15 May 2013
There are no translations available.В зоопарке "Мадагаскар" ведется строительство вольеров для животных. More...


Design production holding "Parman Group" was found in 2006
General director of the holding company - Pankin Roman Viacheslavovich
Holding company status – international
Countries where our activities are carried on: Russia, Italy, Germany, UAE
Companies - members of the holding "Parman Group":
vernoArchitectural company "VERNO!" (year of foundation – 1997)
StokratBuilding company "Stokrat" (year of foundation – 2003)
EvoTechnicsProduction company "EvoTechnics" (year of foundation – 2004)
SnabSistemaSupplying and logistic company "SnabSistema" (year of foundation – 2005)
Energy saving companyEnergy audit "Energy saving company" (year of foundation – 2010)


- Architectural design with designer's supervision
- Engineering design with designer's supervision
- Building
- Room finishing works
- Production of project components (furniture, lighting fittings, art-objects, transformation mechanisms etc.); full supply with advertising products (facade signboard, neon and LED design of facades, advertisement hoardings, steles etc.)
- Complete and incomplete supply of a project with materials, furniture, lightning, equipment.
- Energy audit, energy passports issue, energy saving technologies.


- Multifunctional shopping and entertainment center
- Sport and health complexes
- Office buildings
- Hotel complexes
- Automobile service centre, automobile sales centre
- Country clubs
- Cinemas
- Restaurants, cafes, casinos.
- Private house building, cottages

Currently, we are a powerful design and production organization capable of solving a complex of problems in building and service of commercial and real estate in Russia, Europe, UAE.